Initiate Change by inspiring high performance that leads to better outcomes

Your Need

A great keynote/plenary/presentation for your annual meeting or conference. You need to make sure to leave a significant impression while delivering timely relevant content that generates positive reviews. 

How We Help

The Dorsey Group customizes and contextualizes our ideas and research to your audience and needs. We solicit your feedback during presentation composition and work with you to maximize impact on your agenda. We then ensure a competent, research based, memorable encounter for attendees.

Topics Specialties include:

- Awakening The Culture: Successful organizational transformation/change management

- Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: The change we have been waiting for.

- Executive Transition: Now What?

- Microscoping and Blue Prints: Designing an organization of integrity

- Authenticity: Creating the space for safety at work

- Cross-generational leadership: making the most of five generations in the workplace 


Hard Work

Hard work


High Performance